Readers Write: Felix Sater did no wrong


I want to thank the Port Washington Times for clearly showing how Felix Sater and President Trump broke no laws nor rules regarding their relationship with Russian officials or with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Mr. Sater “was just doing what he has always done: working a deal.”

He and Michael Cohen, Trump’s personal lawyer, were just trying to get approval from Russian officials to build a Moscow hotel. Sater did not break any laws, as Mueller stated in his report. Mueller had no reason to charge Sater with any crime, even though several newspapers implied irresponsibly that Sater was guilty of some crime.

The same is true for Trump. The president never went to Russia to talk to Putin or any other official about building a hotel in Moscow. There is no evidence he even made a phone call to Putin or anyone else in Russia. Yet many newspapers and cable news shows imply that Trump broke some law or conspired with Russia to overthrow the U.S. government. The Mueller report confirms that Trump broke no laws, yet Democrats are calling for his impeachment.

Republicans were very wrong when they tried to impeach Bill Clinton, one of our greatest presidents, for his affair with Monica Lewinsky. It was obvious many of these Republicans were jealous of Clinton. Having an affair with a younger woman is not a crime and if every president who had an affair during his presidency were to be impeached, no president would finish his term of office.

Treason is the only reason to try to impeach a president. Neither Clinton nor Trump committed treason yet  House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler is trying to come up with charges to impeach Trump. This is very divisive and wrong. Polls show that most Americans do not want to go through another impeachment. It’s divisive and a waste of time and money and is solely political in nature.

Marshall Hubsher

Port Washington


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