Readers Write: Finding comedy in Comey and Pelosi

I must be mentally sick, but I see some humor with the present Democrats
and some in the deep state who hate President Trump.
I loved “The Simpsons” TV program.  Every time Homer screwed up, his wife
Marge would soothe his mind by saying “Oh, Homey.”  Thus, when I see
James Comey making a fool of himself every time he says something on TV,
all I can think of when he goes home (is) his wife say(ing) “Oh, Comey.”
On another comedy TV program, “Seinfeld,” Elaine had a female co-worker
who walked with her arms by her side without moving.  Now enter Nancy
Pelosi. As she walks toward a podium, she does so just as Elaine’s
co-worker.  When she finally gets to the podium, she starts to speak
while waving her hands.
You may think she is doing to emphasize her
talking points.  In reality, she has no more than 150 to 200 words in
her pea brain and hopes a word comes out.  When one does, she attempts
to build a sentence around it and it is incredibly stupid.  For
1.  How many of you would purchase a house or a car without reading the
fine print of the contract?  Pelosi said she had to pass the Affordable Care Act (a.k.a.
Obamacare) so we can find out what was in it.  She is truly brain dead. She makes Maxine Waters appear to be a candidate for MENSA.
2.  Trump passed the tax cut.  Many realized a $1,000 benefit.  A middle-class person could now buy a new set of tires or a new refrigerator.  But what did Pelosi, a millionaire, say about this new benefit?  It was “crumbs.”
3. Remember the problem at the southern border where desperate people are trying to get into the U.S. illegally?  Pelosi noticed that there were high weeds at some points that people could hide in.  Her solution? Provide the border control people with lawn mowers.
Of the 330 million people in the U.S., she the most powerful grandmother
in America.
God help us.
John Messina
East Williston



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