Readers Write: Fooling some of the residents some of the time in VGN


Who’s kidding who?  

I write in response to last week’s Great Neck News cover story (Officials discuss downtown: Group meets for revitalization plan).  Days away from the most solemn religious occasion, celebrated by many of our elected Village of Great Neck government leaders, can we please demonstrate a modicum of truth and dignity? 

Deputy Mayor Bart Sobel is quoted as stating,”….20-something people try to bottle-neck progress.”

The mayor’s favorite architect of choice,  Mark Stumer of Mojo Stumer Associates, is quoted as stating, “ 20-something people who show up here and have nothing but complaining to do.” 

Where is the truth and dignity in any of these explicably false statements?

As of Oct. 8, 2019, 1,436 Great Neck residents committed their signatures to an online petition, initiated months ago, to stop Mayor Bral’s overdevelopment and rezoning plan for Middle Neck Road.  This petition remains available for all to view on-line, Google search:  Stop the Village of Great Neck zoning code change @  The numbers speak for themselves.

 I can surely forgive the well-meaning local architect, Mark Stumer, but Deputy Mayor Sobel is responsible, as of late, for vicious, aggressive, inexcusable behavior towards truth-seeking residents. 

As a practicing attorney, Deputy Sobel is keenly aware of the phrase, “….the whole truth and nothing but the truth.”  

By grossly understating the numbers of Great Neck residents in opposition to overdevelopment – real numbers of  1,436 (minimum) vs. 20-something quoted by Deputy Sobel,  it makes any statement issued by Village of Great Neck government leaders highly questionable.  Even if it is in print.

 Bullying and intimidating behavior should have no place in local government meetings. 

If these Great Neck Village Officials Association meetings were always intended for participation by Mayors only – let them be for mayors only – not deputy mayors and board of trustees – Mendelson and Hope – who enable and empower bad, bullying behavior.  It should not be acceptable or commonplace for any elected leader to retaliate or take revenge at a truth-seeking resident by creating a public scene suitable for reality show television.   With hope and faith for the New Year, let us pray for civility, unity and decorum in the Village of Great Neck.

Judy Shore Rosenthal

Great Neck


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