Readers Write: Geisler well-qualified for BOE spot


With the upcoming Board of Education elections May 21, I am reminded of the low turnout of residents who go out and vote.  I am sure most parents in Port Washington are concerned about their children’s education yet BOE meeting attendance tells a different story. 

With this in mind I am glad to know that one candidate standing for election to the board, Dr. Jonathan Geisler, has made it a main issue to get the community more engaged in BOE decisions. He will actively seek feedback (for example, online surveys) so that parents and residents feel that their concerns are addressed even if they are not able to attend BOE meetings.

I have known Jonathan for a while and am confident that he is well qualified to deal with all BOE matters with integrity as well as scrutiny. As an academic in professional life, he is dedicated to education (he even has a Facebook page — Jonathan Geisler on Education) and as the parent of a third grader he knows the future of our schools is a priority.

Just as important, however, is his concern with the fiscal well-being of Port Washington residents. You can expect budgets and expenditures to be scrutinized for efficiency and not just rubber stamped.

So please join me on Tuesday, May 21, at Weber middle school, in voting for Dr. Geisler, because a vote for him is a vote for you, your children and our community.

Robert Nunez

Port Washington


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