Readers Write: Give Gilliar another term on PW Ed Board


We are writing to urge our fellow Port Washington residents to re-elect Rachel Gilliar to the Board of Education. This is a critical time for the Port Washington School District. Due to the pandemic, our schools are facing both a financial crisis and a major challenge to the traditional way we teach our children.

Fortunately, we have an outstanding new superintendent who has been called upon to develop a new vision for our schools at the same time as we must all deal with challenges unlike any other. Now, more than ever, we need an experienced educational leader like Rachel to ensure that we are able to attain excellence in education for our children while maintaining fiscal responsibility for the community.

In these uncertain times, curriculum and instruction will require continuous analysis and improvement. Rachel wants to ensure that education, whether in the classroom or online, works for every student and for every family while maintaining the safety of children as well as teachers and staff. With the other board members, Rachel has prepared a proposed budget for next year that spends money wisely and efficiently in the face of a significant reduction in New York State aid.

We have known Rachel through our work together on educational and community issues. She is a highly successful educational advocate who will continue to be a great resource for the community and for our administrators and teachers.

Every day we see many young children in our neighborhood whose families moved to Port Washington because of our schools. Especially during this pandemic, we owe it to them to have someone with Rachel’s knowledge, expertise and experience to represent us all on our Board of Education. Please join us in voting for Rachel when you receive your school district ballot in the mail.

Bill Keller and Lynn Steinberg

Port Washington



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