Readers Write: Globalism a threat to Western Civilization


I am writing this letter in response to the many letters of the past two weeks criticizing Mr. John O’Kelly.

To clear the air, I am a pro-Christian Jew.

I find most Christians to be wonderful people and I am proud to befriend them. I also believe there is a tremendous amount of hate in this country for Christians by the progressive left.

In this, Mr. O’Kelly is correct.

The separation of church and state is now used as an excuse to attack Judeo-Christianity.

Time and again we have seen outrageous court decisions uphold this attack. The courts have disallowed the display of the Ten Commandments in government buildings.

It has stopped prayer in school, even if non-denominational.

They levy unconscionably huge fines ($50,000) on small Christian bakeries for not wanting to partake in a homosexual marriage ceremony.  Show me one instance of them bullying a Muslim bakery that holds the same beliefs.

In the most outrageous decision, the courts allowed the progressives to break the crosses off war memorials commemorating men who actually wore those crosses as they gave their lives fighting people like Hitler.

Can you show me a more deliberate display of “progressive” ingratitude than that?

Separation of church and state has become a weapon to run Judeo-Christian heritage out of the public square and leave atheistic, socialist philosophies as the only remaining occupant.

View some Dennis Prager videos on Prager University for more of this.

I do not believe in the Rothschild conspiracy theories.

Most central bankers are not Jewish. But Mr. O’Kelly is correct in another way.

I agree that there are globalists with a desire for one world government.  I find their actions to be malignant.

The globalists in government positions collude with central banks to promote their agenda.  They have destroyed the purchasing power of the world’s currencies and have built up criminally negligent amounts of debt.

George Soros is the most prominent of the globalists.

Globalist policies intend to destroy nation states and not incidentally, to destroy Western civilization.

Multiculturalism and diversity are just euphemisms to destroy western values.

What is the motive?  Some of it is old-fashioned power lust.

Some is a warped utopian vision that if they can make people give up their ethnic identities, we will all live like a loving family.

Some of it is pure destructive impulses, the dark part of human nature.

Some of it is a misplaced guilt and self-hatred induced by leftists to undercut the pride of Europeans and their descendants.

Soros himself is an anti-Semite.

He changed his name from Schwartz. He took part in the Nazi eviction of Jewish families from their homes and their subsequent confiscation.

In one of the most evil statements I have ever heard, Soros had the “chutzpah” to defend his actions by saying “if I did not do it, someone else would have.”

I have never heard anyone criticize this ghastly statement.  So I will.

This could be the excuse of any evil-doer who was ever under duress.  We celebrate the heroes who resist intimidation, not the cowardly who submit to evil “because someone else would have taken my place if I did not do it.”

The Nazi death camp administrators could have used the same excuse.

Soros has no sense of personal moral character.  He justifies expediency, not morality.

I have often heard the excuse that Soros was only 14 years old.

Well there are other stories of other 14 years olds in the same place at the same time.  They were religious yeshiva boys.

The Nazis marched them towards an open pit.  Rifle butts were smashed against their heads.

They fell to ground; bleeding. Their skullcaps were knocked off.  Do you know what they did?  They got up, put their skullcaps back on, and continued marching forward.

Again; smashed in the head; knocked down; skullcaps knocked off.

Do you know what they did? They got up again, replaced their skullcaps, and continued walking.

Eventually they stopped at the edge of the pit where they were then executed. They stood up for their beliefs till the very end.

They were 14-year-old boys too.  With a hell of a lot more moral fiber than George Soros.

So I do not want to hear any more sheep-like bleats that poor George was only 14 years old.

Soros funds hate groups like and Black Lives Matter.

He wholeheartedly supported Chavez in Venezuela.  How did that work out?

Venezuela went from the wealthiest country in South America to a seething pus pit.

Wikileaks illuminated a scheme by Soros in which he intended to form a disinformation group that would defame Israel.

He calls his society the Open Society Institute for a reason.  He intends to destroy nation states by opening them up to anyone to immigrate, even to those who profess a hatred for the host country.

One hundred years ago, in World War I, four empires were destroyed at a great expense of human life, so people could have nation states to reflect their own values, culture and language.

The modern day globalists intend to subjugate people the same way.  It is a new version of cultural imperialism and empire building.

By the way, Hillary Clinton, during the campaign, called for open borders.

I guess the destructive experience within Germany and France, with their phony refugees, isn’t enough to deter someone when they are insistent on being a dedicated globalist.

Most of those refugees are single men.  Why are they not in their own countries fighting for the decency and justice they supposedly claim to desire?

In the same refugee camps they share with Christians, they physically assault Christians and tear up their bibles.

The Christians are the true refugees fleeing danger.  Most of the other refugees are not even Syrian refugees.

Probably 75 percent of them are from North Africa, Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc.

To repeat myself, immigration is being used here as a weapon against western countries to destroy their culture.

Globalists and Progressives wish to foist their cultural imperialism on other people.

Do you think it is an accident that Angela Merkel is a socialist?

While somewhat off topic, another point I would like to make is particularly aimed at the rabbis who saw fit to write letters regarding Mr. O’Kelly.

The Roslyn Times has published numerous other articles by “progressives” comparing Trump to Hitler.  You folks out there, who authored these letters, know who you are.

I did not see one rabbi remonstrate against any of these letters.

Why not?  My contempt for progressives is well documented and I would have expected the rabbis to be just as offended as I was.  None were.  This is a moral disgrace.

If I am wrong, show me the disputation.

By calling Trump a “Hitler’ the progressives are diluting the horror of what the Hitlers of the world really have done and do now.

The progressives counterfeit a monstrous and massive evil for their own petty agendas and their own self-inflated egos.

This dilutes and enfeebles the criticism of truly evil men.

Dear rabbis, the progressives are not your friends.

They are moral relativists and thus, your enemies.

You are supposed to be scholarly.

Then let us see some criticism of the progressives that so richly deserve it.

You have the religious texts to refer too.  So go to it.

Dr. Wayne Roth

Roslyn Heights


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