Rebecca Sassouni is different from me in many ways.  She is Persian and I am Chinese.  She is Jewish and I am Christian.  Her children go to North and my kids go to South.  This may make you think that I wouldn’t even consider her as a candidate to represent me and my interests in Great Neck. Nevertheless, I am voting for her as incumbent trustee of Great Neck Board of Education because it is not about race, not about religion, not about social-economic status, not about political views, it is about what’s best for Great Neck children and Great Neck town as a whole.

Let me explain further: Rebecca is a student advocacy lawyer.  For many years she has volunteered as executive board members of various PTOs and UPTC.  From all the years that she has held these positions, her focus has always been what’s best for the children.  Three years ago, she won the election as trustee of BOE in a landslide decision and it was well-deserved.  One thing I love about her is that she does not try to push any personal agenda, she just wants to serve.

Rebecca is a woman of faith and her goal is and always will be doing the right thing for the community.  She shares our values: to provide the best quality education to our children, and make Great Neck one of the best towns for a family to live in.  Was this not the reason we all moved to Great Neck?  Furthermore, she embodies the spirit of inclusiveness that makes Great Neck great — she is a team player as well as a leader, willing to listen to different opinions and communicating her ideas clearly to everyone involved. I am voting for her on June 9 and you should, too.


Joanne Chan

Great Neck Parent of  four hildren

ex-co-President of United Parent Teacher Council


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