Regarding George T. Marlin’s column, “Gov. Cuomo: Where’s the shared sacrifice?,” he points out that “Sovereign states by their very nature cannot go bankrupt” but “can become insolvent – that is, run out of money to meet its financial obligation.”

He goes on to write; “the sovereign State of New York can declare insolvency if its treasury runs dry.” He further states; “Thanks to the economic shutdown, the state budget could run up a deficit that exceeds $12 billion.”

 Cuomo believes that New York State is in desperate need of funding, substantially more than $15 billion, in order to have full access to essential services and the strong economic foundation they support.

Marlin writes that “Cuomo could burden present-day struggling taxpayers and future generations with more debt to avoid insolvency.”

This contradicts what Cuomo said when he ran for governor in 2010 that he would not support borrowing to fund operating expenses. He pointed out that sacrifices made by unions in 1975 saved New York City from going bankrupt and argued that they should once again in 2010 make sacrifices, along with everyone else, for the common good.

 Referring to the current coronavirus pandemic, Marlin writes; “while everyone else has endured pain and made sacrifices, the state’s public employees have not.”

He refers to potential pay raises for unionized staff workers and believes many of the workers are not essential and should be furloughed or laid off. He also believes Cuomo’s staff is bloated.

He concludes that the governor “has imposed tremendous financial and social hardships on New York civilians” and insists that government employees “must make sacrifices for the common good,” like they did in 2010. He refers to it as “shared sacrifices.”

Is Mr. Marlin’s head stuck up his you know what?

Sacrifices for the common good? Budget shortfalls? Mr. Marlin. Wake up! Let me spell it out for you: C-O-R-O-N-A-V-I-R-U-S! Should I spell it out for you again? Nah. It would be a waste of time. Like Trump, he is focused on the wrong thing.

 Cuomo, his staff and government workers, many of whom are on the front lines, are risking their lives daily to keep fellow New Yorkers alive. That is called sacrifice for the common good. 

Perhaps Mr. Marlin should watch or listen to Gov. Cuomo’s daily briefings to understand what is going on. Perhaps he should take a walk outside and ask; “Where are all the people and why?”

 Mr. Marlin is a Trump man. If he wants to do something useful, how about contacting his crony, President Trump, and pushing him to release the funds we New Yorkers so desperately need.

Release the funds! Three simple words. An easy message. I challenge Mr. Marlin to do that. Let’s just say that it is his test.

Alvin H. Goldberg

Great Neck

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