Readers Write: Great Neck Plaza needs Leonard Katz as its next mayor

Regarding Michael Glickman’s letter that appeared in Feb. 21 issue of Great Neck News, it occurred to me that, over time, I and many other residents, just became accustomed to the “new normal” of the eroding quality of life and the terrible fatigue that has overtaken the Village of Great Neck Plaza.
When I read Mr. Glickman’s letter, I immediately realized the severity of the deterioration and the lack of progress that Great Neck Plaza has suffered. Our Village is the heart of the business community where families gather and where cultural interconnections happen. I simply can’t imagine another term with a carryover from the same administration that has been governing our Village for the past 25 years.
Ted Rosen has not executed or proven his worth as a trustee, and so he certainly should not be elected to the mayoral seat.
Friends and residents, the writing is on the wall. Please vote for Leonard Katz and his team on March 18th. They will give our community a fresh new start and revive Great Neck Plaza once again.
Dr. Mitchell Wolfson
Village of Great Neck Plaza


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