Readers Write: Great Neck Plaza needs strong COVID-19 policy


COVID-19 has been a major problem for us in the Plaza and I believe that the current Celender/Rosen administration should have acted more responsibly than they did regarding our having to cope with the restrictions imposed by our state and county governments. 

According to a recent Newsday report (Aug. 21), the Village of Great Neck Plaza has the second-highest number of COVID-19 cases on our peninsula. However, on a per capita basis, we stand at the highest, with over 3 percent of our population infected. The next closest, with about 10 percent fewer cases per capita than us is the Village of Great Neck;  the Village of Kings Point is behind them with 13 percent fewer cases per capita.

It appears that nursing and post-acute facilities are partially the reason for a large number of cases, but not the only reason. When Plaza officials issue a blanket response that there is nothing that they can do because they are working from home, that response is unacceptable.

As mayor, I would recruit an on-call health commissioner to look at the situation. I’ve already consulted with several healthcare professionals familiar with infectious disease protocols and they shared my view. A physician with whom I’ve consulted is willing to function as the Plaza’s health commissioner on a volunteer basis and work with me to look into and come up with the proper guidelines to reduce exposure to the risk of COVID infection. 

I’ve mentioned before that I believe we have a wealth of untapped talent and experience in our Village. My administration will reach out to partner with these residents, recruiting them as volunteer resources to act as a board of mentors for their neighbors. 

I’ve also discussed wearing masks to allay the fears of our senior citizens so they can venture out safely to shop locally. Also, because merchants need to maintain their services to the public, I’ve suggested that the Village sponsor and maintain a job bank so our merchants can post local job openings, and residents seeking employment can find a match for their skills and experience. I’ve continually offered counsel and encouragement to the residents of the Plaza. And this is just the beginning.

My team will always be open to hearing from and being responsive to our constituents. To find out more about how we will positively change our Village, call us at 660-3701 or visit our website, www.revivegreatneckplaza.comCome to the Village Hall and let your voice be heard on Sept. 15th. Write in your vote for my team, Leonard Katz for mayor, Marnie Ives, and Robert Farajollah for trustees, to Revive Great Neck Plaza. Remember to vote for change in September.

Leonard Katz
Village of Great Neck Plaza


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