Readers Write: Heroes Club followed flag etiquette


We would like to address concerns raised in a “Readers Write” regarding the September 11th Memorial erected last month by the American Heroes Club of Schreiber High School. In this article, the writer wrote: “Whoever is responsible for the flag planting and whoever in our school district approved of it, both were unfamiliar with American flag etiquette and U.S. Flag Code.”

We, Andrew Athanasian and Harry Hoffman, as the presidents of the American Heroes Club of Schreiber, are responsible for the flags which were sponsored by members of the community in memory of loved ones who served defending our freedoms as well as the victims of 9/11.

These flags were planted following Flag Code guidelines: they were lit at night by lights specifically for the flags. The flags are all-weather flags made by Annin Flag Company.

The height of the flags was uniform and made to ensure that the colors never touched the ground.

Our fellow club members contacted local VFW Post 1819 to inform them of our memorial prior to it being raised. Members of the club checked flags daily to make sure each was in good condition and following flag code.

It is our hope that we have addressed the writer’s concerns regarding these 90 American flags and that the Port Washington community can continue to unite around such an important cause in the future.

We have the utmost respect for the American Flag and the great nation it represents.

Andrew Athanasian

Harry Hoffman

Presidents of American Heroes Club of Schreiber High School

Port Washington


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