Readers Write: Herricks Trustee Gounaris is a dedicated public servant


I am writing to ask you to support my friend Jim Gounaris, Herricks School Board trustee and past president.

I have known Jim for eight years and am continually impressed with his ability to understand the needs of the community and to try to solve those needs. He continues to collaborate with the community for mutual inclusive goals. As a Herricks trustee he continues to serve as one of our finest and honest public servants each and every day.

He has been working hard to address issues that are important to you, me and especially the students and families that reside in Herricks. He is open, transparent, and responsive to all its residents. He has served Herricks with honesty, integrity, tolerance, and remains committed  to doing the right things for all.

For those reasons and more, I ask you to cast your ballot to re-elect Jim Gounaris to the Herricks School District, so he can keep supporting the Herricks community.

Peter Zuckerman



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