It has not been my practice as a school board trustee or board president to respond to disparaging emails and letters that take my comments out of context.

However, the letter that was published in the Port Times on December 21 regarding our school district and our superintendent, Dr. Mooney, must be addressed.

The dismissive reference to me as a “mother” serving on the school board is far more than a personal affront.

It is a condescending and offensive assault on every mother in our school district who volunteers their time and makes a personal commitment to enhancing the educational experience of our school district for our students. We should be celebrating the women (and men) who donate their time and energy on behalf of the students – the children of our community.

These women are role models in our community and contribute greatly to the excellence of our school district.

Interestingly, it is another woman being insulted when our superintendent, Dr. Mooney, is held out for a question of her worth. 

Hiring Dr. Mooney was one of the best investments our school district has ever made. We are a nationally recognized, high-achieving school district because of our superintendent and the staff she oversees. 

Any comparison of the salaries for superintendents shows that her salary falls well below the top of the salary range. But that was not at all the point of the letter in the paper. The point was to be able to disparage our superintendent.

It has been my great blessing to be a mother for almost 28 years. It has been my honor and privilege to serve our children and their families with so many other mothers from all backgrounds of our community.

Let me say here so that there can be no misunderstanding, thank you to all of the mothers (and fathers) of Port Washington for allowing me to serve amongst you.

Karen Sloan
BOE President
Port Washington Union Free School District

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