Readers Write: History shows progress made by Republican “old white men”


Regarding Dr. Sobel’s letter where he stated “the GOP is the party of old white men,” he could have added “in their time, these old white men of the GOP made world history as follows:”

1865 Abolish slavery: Dems No; Rep Yes; Passed, 13th Ammendment

1866 Reconstruct the South: Dems No; Rep Yes; Passed

1867 Blacks Gain Citizenship: Dems No; Rep Yes; Passed, 14th Ammendment

1868 Blacks Can Vote: Dems No; Rep Yes; Passed, 15th Ammendment

Clara Rucker

Floral Park


  1. Wow. For a moment, let us forget that the Southern Strategy existed or that the Republican party of the past is no way indicative of it’s current hyper-capitalist, bigoted platform.

    Clara really went back 200 years to make a trash, highly debunked argument. The level of mental gymnastics to pull this off is exactly why progress and the protection of minorities will cease to happen in this country.


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