Readers Write: I am not your strawman

Readers Write: I am not your strawman

Strawman (noun): A weak or false argument you make up so you look good when you cleverly knock it down.  

First, although I believe that illegal immigration is a big problem on multiple levels, there is no sudden national crisis that justifies closing the government, rushing federal troops to the border, and anesthetizing the constitution.

There is, however, a personal crisis driving one person (Person One) into a fitful panic to change the subject. Bigly.

Second, there is virtually no one except a handful on the extreme fringe who advocate open borders before the Messiah arrives.

Saying one party wants open borders is is a political contrivance from the imagination of the extreme fringe of the other party. They are, for some reason, concerned that they are incapable of competing in the era of America’s constantly changing demographics.

Most of us, liberals and progressives included, assuredly insist on secure and controlled borders, oppose illegal immigration, believe in providing asylum to legitimate law abiding vetted refugees, and will be forever proud to be a nation of immigrants.

That anyone would  seek to nationalize their legal problems or political or personal insecurity by crying “national security crisis,”  is a sad commentary.

Your premise is contrived and flawed. Find another patsy.

Gary Ackerman


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