There is one sentence that I would like to address that appeared in your op-ed column today, 2/14/19.  “Nor is there any question in our minds that there is no crisis along our southern border or that the wall Mexico was supposed to pay for will not stop drugs or reduce crime. We also believe that the wall represents an appeal to people’s racial prejudices.”

I hardly know where to start. Let me begin by stating that, although I am a lifelong Republican, I did not vote for Donald Trump. His behavior during the campaign was so childish and rude that I wrote in the name of another primary candidate from the GOP slate. 

That being said, not everything that Trump does is on the wrong side of an issue and on this is one he is correct, in my mind, which I dare say, is certainly equal to yours. 

Long before he was a candidate, I have read about the number of illegals sneaking into our country and I resent the intrusion and the financial drain on the American citizens. 

I follow the laws of this country and I expect others to do the same.  If you don’t think that thousands of people pouring into this country month after month with barely a dime in their pockets, needing to be fed, clothed, housed and medically treated by the American public is not a crisis then I would say you care very little about your fellow citizens. They are working their behinds off to keep their heads above water. 

Then, there are those who have lost their lives to people who are here illegally and I dare say that if your children, wife or mother, etc., was one of them, your benevolent attitude would be greatly subdued. You, like all lefties, want to make a racial thing out of it.  Do you really think that if Sweden was to the south of us that we would welcome people sneaking in here with open arms?  The issues would be the same.  They are breaking the law and they need to enter this country the legal way. 

I have read articles over the years, written by ranchers and farmers, whose properties border Mexico and many tell of their experiences with drug cartels cutting across their land, driving through fences and delivering their drugs that way.  Not all drugs come through legitimate ports of entry. 

What amazes me the most is that you can see this all happening right before your eyes and that you have no respect for the safety, culture and well-being of your own countrymen.  Drugs, crime and illegal immigration may never be stopped but much could be done to diminish all of it if the will is there.   

Gayle Palmer

Williston Park

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