Readers Write: Immigrants should not go back to broken countries


In a recent Readers Write letter titled “President Trump welcomes legal immigrants,” the content of that letter describes exactly the opposite. The reader wrote that Trump was right when he stated that immigrants “should go back to the places where they came from and fix what’s broken, then come back to fix what they think is broken in our country.” 

Let’s assume that this letter writer was an immigrant and decided to follow that suggestion and return to his country, perhaps Guatemala, El Salvador or Honduras, to fix what’s broken in his country. If the reader was lucky, he would last maybe an hour in such country. Liberty or death? Which would the reader prefer?

The reader also speaks about Trump being committed to supporting the Constitution. Despite the reader saying that “Donald Trump is more aware of American history than most of our citizenry,” I seriously doubt whether Trump or the reader have actually read the Constitution or if they did understood it. Legal scholars continually debate its meaning.

As far as reading goes, I’ll bet the reader hasn’t even read the Mueller Report or could cite the 10 instances where President Trump potentially committed obstruction of justice. Thousands in the legal community agree that if these violations were committed by someone other than the president, they would face criminal charges.

Speaking of, thousands, or more appropriately, in excess of 10,000, I agree with the reader that “free speech continues to ring,” but people should not believe the thousands of fake facts or lies that are committed near daily by Mr. Trump. Ignorance is not a good reason to believe some or all of his rantings. Free speech means to question such rantings.

Alvin Goldberg

Great Neck


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