Readers Write: Israeli leaders opposed to Palestinian state


I read Karen Rubin’s Dec. 30 explanation of why the US abstained from vetoing the UN resolution 2334 condemning the continued building by Israel of settlements in the occupied areas of the West Bank.

When Yitzak Rabin the Israeli prime minister, per the agreed upon Oslow Accords, sought to end settlements he was assassinated by right-wing extremists.

Since then the Likud party and Netanyahu have dictated policy.

Regardless of what was said, that policy has been to not permit a Palestinian state.

The building of settlements in occupied areas through land appropriation, forceful removal of the inhabitants, and the destruction of their homes have aggressively, without stop, been pursued.

Entire villages have been eradicated.

In preclusion of a viable Palestinian state massive extensive walls, checkpoints, and highways exclusive to Israelis in the Palestinian lands have been built.

In the Nakba of 1945 were Palestinians were removed from their homelands.

Since then Palestinians have demanded the right of return to their homes and land.

Acceding to this demand would effectively end the existence of a Jewish state.

The full granting of citizenship to Palestinians and non-Jews would likewise it is feared, most certainly result in Jews becoming a minority.

Israelis taking pride in their developing of the land are now permanent occupants.

Rubin, in her article, in citing the firing of thousands of rockets places blame on the Palestinians for the 2014 destruction brought down on Gaza.

At that time Hamas, whose charter includes exterminating Jews, had become the legally elected government of Gaza.

Prior to this so-called war between the 10th most powerful military in the world and the blockaded occupants of Gaza the greatest abuses and provocations, by Israel, were ongoing and continuous.

Is abrogating the First Amendment and prohibiting boycotting a solution?

Are greater armaments without conditions helpful?

Is a firmer and more even handed U.S. policy necessary?

Former chiefs of Mossad and the IDF have said that the present situation is unsustainable and in need modification; allowances they say must be made.

Can the positive moral and ethical aspects of Islam and Judaism reach agreement with realpolitik?

Jim Ansel

Port Washington


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