Readers write: Just the facts ma’am

Readers write: Just the facts ma’am

I have great respect and belief in the Freedom of Speech, and by extension, Freedom of the Press. It’s among the many reasons why our country is a great nation. Under the guise of these freedoms, I am, however, appalled by the ease with which someone can hurl baseless accusations with no concern for facts.

Even more unfortunate is the practice of a newspaper going to print absent fact checking. Complete with over-the-top headlines, it’s going to great lengths to sell newspapers.

Where’s the integrity?

The Incorporated Village of Great Neck takes great pride in the strictest adherence to code and to the principles of transparency in government. As Mayor, I am acutely aware of my duty to provide transparency to the residents in every degree possible, in every interaction, in all matters on behalf of residents.

Judy Rosenthal’s May 18 letter to the editor is a most unfortunate and distorted account of the facts.

The issue at hand is the addition of a portico to an existing home which was before the Architectural Review Committee for review. Unlike requirements of the village’s Planning Board, which vets new construction and requires the applicant’s notification to a 200-foot radius, the Architectural Review Committee’s notification requirements are specific to the abutting properties, as well as and the nearest six properties across the street.

Rosenthal was on that list.

While the village does not require return receipt of mailings for Architectural Review Committee, the applicants are obligated to submit an affidavit of the mailings of such notices as per Section 575-181C of the Incorporated Village of Great Neck. The Village of Great Neck is in receipt of said affidavit.

I am proud to be at the helm of a Village, staffed by employees who, as public servants, have chosen their professional path not for the glamour, but rather to glean a sense of fulfillment from assisting residents across many areas. Judy Rosenthal should be able to speak to that personally.

Which is why Judy Rosenthal’s assertion that “our elected leaders have successfully removed our right to participate freely in local government,” is so baffling. Village staff and fellow members of the Board of Trustees and I have welcomed her presence in Village Hall, attended to her concerns, taken her calls, listened to her remarks during public comment and have engaged with her at board meetings.

We at the Village look forward to our residents’ continued civic involvement.

Dr. Pedram Bral
Village of Great Neck

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