Readers Write: LED Lights are a problem


Carl Abraham’s letter in last week’s Great Neck News is replete with inaccuracies and faulty logic.

First of all, it’s extremely difficult to take any pictures at night and expect to see an accurate representation of how a streetlight is behaving.

Second, you can’t tell how any streetlight affects someone until you stand inside their house.

Third, although it is true that any light shining right into your bedroom can disrupt your sleep, the LED lights with bare bulbs are much more annoying than what we had before.

No one was complaining before!!! Obviously, something has changed – the angle of the light, the intensity of the light, the appearance of the light, or all of the above – to cause problems for some people.

I happen to know of someone in the Baker Hill area who also complained that the streetlight was shining into her bedroom. In her case, because the light is on the same side of the street as her house, a quick fix was available. However, when your house is across the street from the light fixture, as is the case for Judy Youngblood, it seems that RealTerm Energy has no solution available or there is nothing that our Village officials were willing to implement! Yet, we were promised at their presentation that all such problems would be adequately addressed.

Amy Glass
Great Neck


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