Readers Write: Manorhaven mayor, possible conflict of interest?


We have a situation in the town of Manorhaven/Port Washington. Peter Dejana is pushing to get various building variances changed so he can build a four-story apartment building in the village of Manorhaven.

Right now, Manorhaven is all single- and two-family homes.  The mayor of Manorhaven, Jim Avena, is Peter Dejana’s brother-in-law and also the grant administrator to the Dejana Foundation.  This seems to be a major conflict of interest.

When we have town meetings, Mayor Avena downgrades his association with the Dejana family and dismisses any opposition to this project.

It’s all small town politics and I would like to see this major concern publicized  for the people of Port Washington, Sands Point and the rest of Long Island to get involved in. 

If this project goes through it will change the whole quality of life on the peninsula of North Hempstead. 

When we have town hall meetings they are held in small, inadequate buildings that will not hold enough people. People are turned away so their voice may not be heard.

Please help us and put this out to other nearby residents.

Mitchell Friedman

Manorhaven Action Committee, Port Washington


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