Readers Write: Mark Birnbaum has knowledge needed by Village of Great Neck justice


Vote for Mark Birnbaum! I stick by my strong belief that prior experience is crucial to any job, but particularly for anyone attempting to start a career in public office.

Mark has held several village positions: trustee, member and chairman of several village boards and now village justice. He understands the complex business of village, town, county and state laws.

He has inroads into all aspects of “what goes on behind the scenes” at each level of government. In order to legally and fairly adjudicate any issue, a judge must understand the laws and rules that govern each level of government as he makes his decisions.

Over 30 years of heading the masthead of a local Great Neck newspaper, I came to know all of the players at every level. I have long admired Mark’s honesty, his thorough bank of information concerning every defendant, and the tough yet fair manner in which he put his indelible mark on the Village of Great Neck’s courtroom.

Mark Birnbaum has the knowledge and the heartfelt desire to ensure fair and decent judgments in his court. A very decent and caring man, Mark has the right to stand up and ask for your vote.

Vote for Mark Birnbaum for village justice and ensure the right for each one of us to deserve fairness and justice in our court.

Wendy Kreitzman

Great Neck


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