Readers Write: Markowitz is a standard bearer for tolerance


I have been on the board of directors of the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center for 25 years and know Steve Markowitz for 15 of those years.

He has performed an outstanding job as chairman of the center.

Part of his job is to fulfill the mission statement that includes the word “tolerance.” Never once did I hear him say anything against our Orthodox community or any other community.

We have been asked for help from schools, religious organizations, including the Westbury Muslim Center. We have taught 23,000 students, per year, from public schools and religious organizations from Queens to Suffolk County, including the Nassau and Suffolk County Police, universities, hospital staff, the message of the Holocaust. He has been a meaningful supporter for the State of Israel and has worked tirelessly to combat BDS and anti-Semitism.

In my opinion, having worked with Steve for those 15 years, he has always upheld the highest standards, and the false statements that have been published by scurrilous individuals who seeks political advantage by falsifying accusations against the righteous Steve Markowitz.

Hopefully, we can expect more from you and your supporters than what has been falsely published.

Murray Slimowitz

North Hills


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