Readers Write: Markowitz must apologize for us to move on


I regret that this letter must be written. I have no vested political interest other than proper representation in this community and the security of the future of the United States and Israel.

I was contacted early this week by a senior elected official who wanted to broker a meeting between Mr. Markowitz and myself. I informed him that I have no reason for such a meeting. I am not personally aggrieved — rather I was simply responding to a grievous and ugly public display. I stated to the legislator that “people are reasonable and that I am sure they would accept a public apology from Mr. Markowitz.”

Instead, the following people, in addition to others, were tasked with writing “reference letters” which have no bearing on the matter at hand:

Arden Smith, DPM

Robert Zimmerman – National Democratic Committeeman

Varda Solomon

Jack Epstein

Former MC Gary Ackerman

Kate Goldberg

Rabbi Klayman

Cheryl and Seth Moin

Charles Schneider

David Levin

Arlette Sanders

One of these people – Kate Goldberg – opined that the e-mail below is a fake. Is this an Anthony Wiener story? Was he “hacked?” Did the Russians write this e-mail?

We have protected the recipients by blocking them out. Four of the recipients are local elected officials – who curiously never made known the inappropriateness and divisiveness of this message. I recall the justified outrage when Legislator Ellen Birnbaum made inappropriate references to black areas in Nassau County. The Democratic Party punished her for it. I guess Orthodox or politically conservative Jews do not merit the same courtesy. To all of you: Your references are heartwarming, but does the e-mail solidify your sentiments?

I call upon Steve Markowitz to apologize through this publication. I believe that most will move on if he does. If this charade of reference letters continues, we will continue to call for his resignation from the chairmanship of the Holocaust Center. Many of us are children of survivors – the first lesson is that our families all went to the ghettoes, concentration camps and gas chambers together, irrespective of religious observance. I also believe that political party leaders of either party ought not to be chairs of Holocaust museums, but that is my thought and I do not make policy for this center. But a self-recognition by Mr. Markowitz of this grievous and cynical political-religious play must be acknowledged. 

Those of us aware of and in possession of the missive below would prefer to spare the local turmoil and discomfort of the recipients of this e-mail. If an apology is not forthcoming to close this matter, we will have no choice but to provide further information, lest it be again inferred that this e-mail was “fabricated.” Messrs Kron and Spitalnick have had their own experiences in this domain, as we have read in this publication. Their experiences have also been denied.

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Sent: Thu, Jun 11, 2015 5:06 pm
Subject: Re: Election Stuff

I think callers should tailor the script according to whom they’re talking.  Have no reluctance to tell people you know that this election is about an attempt by right wing Orthodox groups to take over the Village.  Most people are unaware and are generally apathetic … but not when you scare them a little.


Steve – Apologize, “man-up” and move on.

Jeffrey Wiesenfeld

Great Neck


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