Readers Write: Markowitz should step down as Holocaust center chairman


This is a classic example which law professors often use to show one of the categories that invalidates the testimony by a witness.

Mr. Jones sued his neighbor, Mr. Smith, claiming that he had lent his antique vase to Mr. Smith, but when Smith returned it to him, it was cracked.

“Your honor, the case should be dismissed,” Mr. Smith said at the trial. “First, I never borrowed an antique vase from Mr. Jones, and second, when I returned the antique vase to Mr. Jones, it was in a perfect shape and had no cracks,” Smith professed as his defense.

Obviously the judge rules in favor of Jones as Smith has lost credibility due to assertions of inconsistent statements about the same event.  

The case of the antique vase is similar to Steven Markowitz’s 2015 campaign e-mail. According to a July 5 article in the Great Neck News, “In an earlier conversation with Blank Slate Media publisher Steve Blank, Markowitz said he did not remember writing the email.” However, Markowitz asserted in a second statement, “As for the email from 2015, Markowitz said he never wrote it.” Both statements “not remember writing” and “never wrote it,” are inconsistent assertions about the same event which quashes Markowitz’s credibility.

What makes the situation even more depraved is that the email was sent while Mr. Markowitz was the chairman of the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County, an organization with the mission of promoting tolerance: “I think the callers should tailor the script according to whom they’re talking. Have no reluctance to tell people that you know that this election is about an attempt by right wing Orthodox groups to take over the village. Most people are unaware and are generally apathetic but not when you scare them a little” was the message he sent to the campaign members of the previous mayor (Great Neck News, June 14, 2019, page 22).  

On a Sunday in late March there was a solidarity rally against anti-Semitism at Great Neck’s Village Green. At times, Steven Markowitz was seen standing on the platform next to the officials. Needless to say, after what has transpired, he no longer could be invited or attend a similar event without causing controversy, protests and possibly boos from the audience.  

Clearly, after his “scare them a little” e-mail and subsequently by making the inconsistent statements about the same e-mail, he has lost his “credibility” to many.

It is foreseeable that should Mr. Markowitz be present as an official in a future event similar to the event in late March, it only could do harm instead of healing. It would bring heartache especially to those whose families were affected by the Holocaust.  

Does the Holocaust Center really need such a controversial individual as its chairman?

Mr. Markowitz not being involved in the Holocaust organization would be a win-win situation for all, better sooner than later.

Leon Manoucheri

Great Neck


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