Readers Write: Markowitz supports appears political

Readers Write: Markowitz supports appears political

Subsequent to the local papers publishing Steve Markowitz’s 2015 campaign letter – which included non-tolerant language about the Orthodox Jews – the news is that Mr. Markowitz is reaching out to some fellow Democratic friends, acquaintances and some rabbis requesting from them to write character reference letters and send them to the local newspapers. 

Some accommodated his request letter by sending the most beautiful letters.  In fact, some alluded that Markowitz is the best person in the world!  Some went as far as saying that they are sure that Markowitz never wrote the letter!   

I believe that Mr. Markowitz, as any other human, probably has some redeeming qualities.  But going as far as saying the best person ever, is not suitable for the situation as it is an obvious overstatement.     

Some who wrote that they would not believe that Markowitz wrote the email are even voicing a worse overstatement as to testifying to such requires to be next to Mr. Markowitz at all times which is not feasible. 

However, fellow Democratic friends of Markowitz like Schimmel and Gary Ackerman are proving a great point. 

Their supports hints that they hold the position of chairman of the Holocaust Center has a political value to the Democratic party.  The museum started by Borris Chartan, a Holocaust survivor in 1989 for reasons other than politics!

Sara Povic

Great Neck

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