Readers Write: Mayor Bral, let GN residents solve VHB proposal conflicts


Dear Mayor Bral and Village Trustees:

We attended the three public hearings at the Village of Great Neck Hall where many residents of our village offered comments on the VHB revitalization proposal to build luxury apartments along Middle Neck Road and East Shore Road.

It was striking that there were so many talented, concerned citizens in our village from different ethnic groups who want to actively take part in solving the problem of empty stores along Middle Neck Road. 

Among the speakers were numerous young homeowners who were against the VHB proposal. They included lawyers, architects, and real estate professionals.  These people offered some excellent ideas about how to improve our village without rezoning.

We have seen a great deal of confrontation, which does not solve any problems and causes bad feelings.  Let’s try to work together.

Instead of amending the flawed VHB plan, we would ask you to scrap it altogether and start fresh. As one of the March 5 hearing speakers suggested to you, this means organizing, publicizing and conducting a series of community-wide forums to listen to all of our residents. These forums could take place at various gathering places in the village.  You could help to set up committees to share ideas about planning for the future of our village. You could also invite other villages because what happens here affects everyone in Great Neck.

In other words, drop the bad VHB plan and use the talent we have right here to solve our problems. Our citizens want to be engaged, so get more of them to participate in the process.

Chris and Fred Knauer

Great Neck

We would also like to say to readers of the Great Neck News that if you live in Great Neck Village we need you to show up and speak up at the next Village Hall meeting on March 19.



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