Readers Write: Message to Dems: Focus on fixing Obamacare, not single-payer


Most of my life I have been a Democrat but listening to the ultra-liberal members of the party depresses me.

The debate on Thursday, 9/12/2019, contained a lot about health care in America.

Don’t the candidates who are in favor of the single-payer plan or Medicare-for-all realize it would overwhelm our medical system, even if adopted three years after their election?

We would not have enough doctors, nurses or hospitals to care for that many extra people. Yes, Europe and other countries do have this type of health care but people in those countries may wait two or three years for knee replacements or other non-emergency procedures.

Also, wealthy people would privately retain their own doctors to service them quickly and the middle class and poor would have to wait months or even years for medical services.

Democrats should wake up and take a more moderate approach on this subject, like building on and improving Obamacare.

George T. DeSpirito

Williston Park


  1. “Obamacare” added 20 million newly insured to the system, and there was no shortage of staff or medicines. There is nothing “ultra liberal” about Medicare for All, as just about every Democratic President in the past 70 years (and one Republican, Nixon) wanted universal coverage. It’s the civilized thing to do


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