Readers Write: Mismanagement shackles Project Independence


On Aug. 25 I telephoned the Town of North Hempstead 311 call center.

I was looking for information about the balance/exercise classes I have been attending for the past three years at the Yes We Can Community Center in New Cassel.

To my great surprise, the 311 person did not have any information about any Project Independence classes for the month of September which was only six days away.

I asked to speak to the Project Independence Office and was told that I could not be connected directly but that I would receive a call back.

I did receive that call and was informed that a schedule would be released as soon as Project Independence received its permits from the Parks Department.

In the meantime a letter would be going out to all “Fitness Participants”.

Incidentally, the Town of Hempstead publishes its department phone numbers both on-line and in the telephone directory white pages.

Supervisor [Judi] Bosworth’s management protocols seem very strange to me.

A formal permit process (designed for third party use of town facilities) from a town entity is required to reschedule Project Independence (a town entity) classes.

As an oversimplification, but as a starting point, why can’t two “managers” sit down with their individual schedules and sign-off on a mutually agreed upon master schedule?

The letter addressed to Fitness Participants announced the Town’s Fall 2017 exercise program schedule.

Perhaps I should no longer be surprised by the lack of management in the town.

There is only one class (yoga) listed for the Yes we Can Center.

Believe it or not, the town has ignored and basically disregarded the entire community of people living at that end of town.

How much money did this community center cost the taxpayer?


Alan Reff

East Williston


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