Readers Write: MTA goes off the rails with 3rd track plan


The MTA’s Review Board wisely pulled the third track project on June 30 knowing Long Island’s commuters were about to experience the “Summer of Hell” and the region’s rail system needed fixing-up.

Commuters who have come to know the values of the MTA-LIRR management are nearly at their wits end.

Newsday and politicos who support the project are becoming doubtful that the 9.8 mile third track will ever become a reality.

Will the track ever escort more freight trains and passenger trains along the main line?

Obviously, mega bucks are being spent on attempts to convince the public that this project is destined to improve the lives of “all” Long Islanders.

Yes, New York State Sen. John Flanagan is evaluating this mega project and its many downsides.

The mayors of New Hyde Park and Floral Park say they still have major concerns about the project.

Despite their signing an agreement (content of which is unknown to the public) at the 11th hour, many locals believe the officials were unduly pressured to sign.

Regardless, the “agreement” could not possibly mitigate all the impacts of third track construction: all sorts of traffic/parking problems, construction related noise/vibration, potential drainage issues on private property, possible damage to public facilities, disturbing 24/7 construction schedules and the possibility of hazardous particles becoming airborne when soil is dug up — all legitimate concerns of the citizenry that remain unresolved.

Yes, people can get ensnared by the MTA and the governor’s incentives and promises, but history warns us that a promise may have a catch or may simply go unfulfilled.

The “Summer of Hell” will demonstrate how the MTA LIRR respects commuters and the public, particularly the residents living along the main line from Floral Park to Hicksville.

The MTA-LIRR doesn’t have a record to be proud of and most agree it has neglected its responsibilities in safeguarding the public.

Why would any government representative give the MTA LIRR the go ahead for this unnecessary project that will mean a “Decade of Disruption” when the billions of dollars could be spent on the regional rail system problems that obviously need to be addressed ASAP?

Please contact New York State senators to voice your opposition to this project.

John Flanagan, New York State Senator – Senate Majority Leader, 260 Middle Country Road, Suite 102, Smithtown, NY  11787; Phone (631)361-2154;

Elaine Phillips, New York State Senator (Floral Park); 252 Mineola Blvd., Mineola, NY 11501-2431; Phone: (516)746-5924;

Kemp Hannon, New York State Senator (Garden City), 595 Stewart Ave., Suite, 540 Garden City , NY 11530; Phone: (516)739-1700;


Ann and Bill Corbett

Floral Park


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