Readers Write: Mueller report in no way vindicates Trump


Sorry, Jack Lipsky:

1. The Mueller report did not vindicate Trump.

2. Your personal comments about Chairman Nadler were disgusting. When

are you going to be when you grow up?

3. There is no, was no, attempted coup.

4. You seem fine with the Current Occupant who lies on a daily basis but

we know you would not tolerate 1/10th of the filth if it came from a

Democratic President.

5. Remember, Mr. Cult Member, you will never be allowed to complain

about any Democrat when you seem to have swallowed more than the Kool


6. I’m gob-smacked at the amount of hatred and ignorance spewed by the

Fright Wing. You wear your hatred and ignorance like a badge of honor

(see No. 2).

7. Republicans in Congress might as well quit their jobs since they are

unable, or unwilling to get off their knees.

* You seem to have a problem with Chairman Nadler doing his job

according to the Constitution.

Mary Ellen Scherer

New Hyde Park


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