Readers Write: N.R.A. success in opposing gun legislation guaranteed

Readers Write: N.R.A. success in opposing gun legislation guaranteed

Congratulations to the National Rifle Association, members of the gun lobby, the United States Congress, and many state legislatures which will, once again, prevent any meaningful gun legislation from being passed.

The 2nd amendment forces will win again, even after the most recent tragedy in Parkland, Fla.

Keep in mind, Florida’s governor has been lauded by the N.R.A.’s Political Victory Fund which stated: “Rick has signed more pro-gun bills into law in one term than any other governor in Florida History.”

In fact, it is easier under Florida law for a teenager to buy an AR-15 than it is to buy a beer. This is a record about which we gun enthusiasts can truly be proud. With Gov. Rick Scott in our camp, we have nothing to fear.

How is this possible? How is it that six and seven-year-olds at Sandy Hook Elementary School can be slaughtered and our lawmakers do nothing?

The obvious answer is money. In 2015, a bill came before the Senate which stated that anyone on the government’s terrorist watch list should not be able to purchase guns.

We, at the N.R.A., fought against this bill by contributing $37 million to 54 senators. The bill got nowhere.

Here are a few more examples of how our money buys votes. After the Las Vegas shooting, Trump sent his “warmest condolences and sympathies” and then accepted 30 million from the N.R.A. and another 19 million more in attack ads against Clinton.

Sen. John McCain’s comment on Las Vegas was that he “was praying for the victims” and then took 7.7 million from the N.R.A. in his Senate bid for reelection.

Finally, Sen. Mitch McConnell declared “This is a moment for national mourning” and then took 1.3 million from the N.R.A. Any candidate who does not go along with the N.R.A.’s wishes can face a primary challenge.

In other words, we will find a candidate who is more compliant and who acts at our bidding.

As can be seen from the statements above, the idea of invoking God is always popular with politicians.  There are several time-tested rules in our playbook.

Number One: In commenting upon the tragedy, start by saying your heart goes out to the victims, their family and friends. You shouldv also state that they are in “your thoughts and prayers.”

Bringing the Almighty into the equation is beneficial.

Number Two: Assert from the outset that the “shooter” had emotional problems and is mentally deranged or depraved. This is a diversionary tactic, wisely chosen, since it puts off taking action in the present.

It  “kicks the can down the road,” and it never leads to appropriating more money for psychological services. The minute a politician starts talking about the mental stability of the killer, you know he or she is one of us.

Number Three: Another harbinger of where one stands is the accusation that our adversaries are politicizing the discussion. This is usually followed by  “our loss is still too fresh” and one must respect the rights of the bereaved.

The key word here is politics. We want the public to think that gun control advocates are playing politics with the tragic loss of life. We have repeatedly, and successfully, stated that the time for a discussion about gun control is not now.

We have a perfect track record. No matter how unsafe our schools are, no matter how many people die, no matter the age of the slain, we love our guns and we love our second amendment.

We love Wayne LaPierre, C.E.O. of the N.R.A., who blames violent films, video games and the media for the spate of deaths. If the past is prologue, we have nothing to fear.

Dr. Hal Sobel

Great Neck

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  1. If anyone could propose a single solution that did not rely on increasing restrictions, people would listen. But they cannot/will not.


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