Readers Write: New mayoral administration in GN Plaza is needed to address inadequate parking problem


Just a short note about the dire parking problem in the Village of Great Neck Plaza. The outgoing administration—Ted Rosen, deputy mayor—has failed miserably to address that problem.

We asked for adequate parking in the Village, and we got a leaflet. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how to park my car in a leaflet.

We asked for more parking for the residents of the Welwyn/Shoreward area, and we got a park and “faux” bicycle lanes, which the residents need like we need poison ivy.

We asked for more parking in the downtown area, but the “Jean Machine Regime”—Ted Rosen, deputy mayor—figured that with the attrition rate of businesses in the Plaza, who needs more parking.

If Ted Rosen is elected Mayor of Great Neck Plaza, he will do twice as much for us as the outgoing administration. And twice as much of nothing is—you guessed it!

It’s time for the “Jean Machine Regime” to go. Please stand with me. Vote for CHANGE. Vote for PROGRESS. Vote for LEONARD KATZ and his team for Mayor and Trustees on March 18th. They will do right by us.

Leo Pfeifer
Great Neck Plaza


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