Readers Write: New York a GOP majority in state Senate


The State of New York has, in our lifetime, functioned better when it was constituted by a divided government.

The State Senate was the sole check on the dominant leftism slamming the citizenry with every-greater taxation, growing homeless encampments and now increasingly vicious and frequent crime – including Jew-hate crime (anti-Semitism is a polite euphemism).

The good work of Gov. Pataki, Mayor Bloomberg, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly and Mayor Giuliani is now being reversed. We are on our way back to the very bad 1970s.

The most outrageous denials of blame are personified in the likes of Senate Leader Cousins, Assembly Leader Heastie and most especially here on Long Island – state Sen. Anna Kaplan – who voted for and brought you the “No Cash Bail Law.” These governmental incompetents have moved Gov. Cuomo to the left, along with the other crazies.

These people sponsor marches and decry anti-Semitism (anti-Jew crime) while authoring the laws which help enable offenders.

Save the crocodile tears and commit to the only action which will halt New York’s march to compete with San Francisco and other sewers of California: bring back the Republican state senators in the suburban districts and in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn.

Anna Kaplan’s fakery in “rationalizing” her vote for the greatest crime-inducing legislation in decades should be more than enough for our district’s idiots who disposed of Elaine Phillips to seek a representative elsewhere: by replacing her and the other state Senate Democrats with Republicans.

Recall that all the Democrats votes for the “No Cash Bail Law,” which brings you all the crime videos you currently see on the news each evening.

A Republican state Senate in New York was –  and can be – the only “insurance” you have against complete chaos in this state.

Jeffrey S. Wiesenfeld

Great Neck



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