Readers Write: Newspaper fails to cover Markowitz misdeeds


The editor of this newspaper and columnist Karen Rubin are promoting the fake news that Mayor Pedram Bral’s re-election campaign was somehow tainted by “character assassination” of the rival campaign.

In fact, it has been revealed that local Democratic leader Steve Markowitz, who lent his support to the Wu slate, has been behind a series of anti-Semitic whispering campaigns intended to keep Orthodox Jews out of public office in this town. 

 Jeffrey Wiesenfeld’s letter of today refers to a screenshot “exhibit A.” Having seen the original letter, this newspaper failed to print the true “smoking gun” — an outrageous 2015 email by Markowitz which states:  “Have no reluctance to tell people that this election is about an attempt by right-wing Orthodox groups to take over the village. Most people are unaware and are generally apathetic but not when you scare them a little.”  

 This is not the first time Markowitz has gone after Orthodox Jewish candidates.

He did it against Nic Kron when he ran for the school board and to me when I ran for the library board.  Need I point out that attacking Orthodox Jews is classic anti-Semitism? 

And the perpetrator is chairman of the Nassau County Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center, of all people?  

 Enough is enough.  Markowitz should be banned from political life until he starts practicing the message of tolerance he professes to preach.  

Robert Spitalnick 

Great Neck 


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