Readers Write: No room for hateful innuendo!


After reading a letter to your paper from Clara Rucker of Floral Park, I am obligated to speak out.

She really speaks from a place of ignorance when she states that, “Muslims are taught at a young age to hate Jews.”

I will admit that this is sometimes the case, but to generalize that all Muslims are taught to be anti-Semitic is doing most Muslims a great injustice.

I am Jewish, and I have some wonderful Muslim friends. We work together, socialize and celebrate together, and help each other.

Her reference to Ilhan Omar is well taken. This hateful individual is one of the lowest life forms ever elected to Congress, and along with her cheering section, AOC, deserves to be bounced from their positions.

These individuals are sworn to uphold The Constitution, and they apparently have learned nothing about it or what it stands for. If the Democrats in the House had any guts, they would have admonished both of them, and Omar would have been stripped of her committee positions.

The last place this hateful Muslim should serve is on the Foreign Relations Committee.

Like all Jews, I am no stranger to hate and discrimination, but I don’t hate all people because one bad apple doesn’t like me.

Generalizations have no place in human relations, and painting any group with a broad brush is incorrect and immoral. If you only look for the bad in people, you will surely find it. It’s time to open your mind and your thoughts to reality and get out of the realm of misinformation and prejudice.

Eric Spinner

New Hyde Park


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