Readers Write: Opponents of G.N. North parking lot not facing reality


The tiny cohort of neighbors who obsess day and night about the parking lot at Great Neck North High School have no sight of reality:

From a traffic engineering standpoint, it is simply a storage issue. The student in question who hit my retaining wall and overturned was one of those racing for a rare spot on Beach Road; she was not texting.

An orderly flow into a lot will increase safety and allow for orderly movement of vehicles off the street without “competition.”

I am pleased that at this point, the present season is the only remaining impediment to construction of this much-needed amenity.

For my neighbor’s edification, the record shows that the city of New York was well-administered under Mayor Ed Koch.

I’ve not disparaged any neighbors by name, but the three of them are welcome to site themselves before bulldozers if they are so desperately obsessed to stop a project soon to be in motion.

No one forced any of us to purchase a home adjacent to a high school. We are here and thank the school board for working to remove these working students’ vehicles from our streets.

Jeffrey Wiesenfeld

Great Neck


  1. Orderly flow of traffic? What a joke. There’s chaos in the morning. Does he even live here?
    Working students?? Most students don’t work. A kid flipped over a car and this loon is worried about putting more of these kids on the road? Good grief. I will never vote for the bond or budget again.


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