Readers Write: Opposition overwhelming to waterfront analysis

Readers Write: Opposition overwhelming to waterfront analysis

Many thanks to everyone who showed up on Saturday morning to express their opinion about the Waterfront Analysis with its recommendations to change local zoning codes in order to permit more residential development in the most densely populated village in New York State.

Folks overwhelmingly rejected the report, telling village trustees to leave the zoning alone, don’t change it, no more increased density!

More than 100 residents showed up with standing room only.

They were frustrated by the shallow report, which lacked a comprehensive impact analysis.  Folks recognized it for what it was – a thinly disguised giveaway to developers and large landowners.

Residents wanted to know:  “Who wins and who loses?”  

How many new apartments would be added to the community?  How many more cars and school kids would we have to support?  What will it mean to my property values and taxes?  Where would more than 500 boats go when the Marinas are demolished?.

The authors from Cameron Engineering were stumped nearly speechless because they had not been asked by the trustees to explore any other “improvements to the waterfront” beyond replacing the marinas with condos. 

This despite the desire of local citizens to protect the waterfront and provide meaningful public access to the shoreline.

The village trustees were embarrassed that they had already spent $37,500 for the hugely unpopular report.

In the face of this opposition, Mayor Avena and Village Trustees will consider their next steps at the work session on Thursday, March 8 at 6 p.m. (the public may attend but not comment).

While the Trustees may soften a few of the recommendations, their plan will still include some very scary suggestions including the Waterfront Zoning Overlay map, unless the residents fight back and insist the report be rejected.

The Manorhaven Action Committee did their homework with a careful analysis of the implications of all the deceptive smoothly drafted proposals – a hard job for citizen land use planners since zoning language is very, very, very complicated.

MAC reached out through social media, flyers and small group meetings to educate the public on the issues.

Luckily, in the past two years MAC has built a powerful coalition of supporters with our 300-plus MAC email readers.

This coalition includes old timers who have lived in Manorhaven, Port Washington, and Sands Point for dozens of years; young families who moved here for the excellent quality of life; newly inspired political activists like Nassau Women Against Corruption; Parent Teacher Association educators, traditional maritime workers and recreational boaters.

This coalition must continue to show up at community meetings, educate themselves about the issues and vote.

Caroline S. DuBois

Acting Secretary, Manorhaven Action Committee

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