Readers Write: Parking sticker folly in Manhasset Park District


The charming little green house on Manhasset Avenue is home to the Manhasset Park District, where residents are fortunate to have not one but three park commissioners whose duties include collecting fees, writing rules and formulating regulations, presumably for the better good.

A recent fender-bender led me to the little green house where I explained to one of three gentlemen behind the counter that the parking sticker on my car was removed by the body shop that repaired the car but I did have the actual sticker, somewhat damaged, and would appreciate a replacement. Knowing residents must comply with the Park District rules and regs, I presented the old sticker, my license, registration and the car.

Unfortunately, the documentation was lacking. Compliance required a completely filled-out application form; two bills authenticating residence, dated within the last four months; a $35 check; car, license and registration for the privilege of parking in the Manhasset LIRR lot.

“But, but all I want is a replacement. Here is the old sticker.”

“Sorry, lady, we don’t make the rules.”

Over the next few weeks, I filled out the application form; found both a water and a National Grid bill dated within four months; wrote a check and returned to the little green house with my car, license and registration feeling confident I was finally in compliance. But no. Apparently, my name was on the water bill, but my husband’s name was on the National Grid bill.

“Are you kidding me?”

“Lady, I only follow orders and that’s the rule.”

“Do you expect me to bring in a marriage license to prove that the water bill and National Grid bill are married?”

“Yeah, that’ll work”.

After digging out my marriage license I realized I would never be in compliance because I’ve been  married longer than four months. Thoroughly defeated by the rules and regs, I gave up all hope of ever parking in the Manhasset LIRR lot.

Laurann Pandelakis




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