Readers Write: Personal freedom makes America great


A Gallup Poll has just come out and found numbers are down concerning being proud Americans. The country is in an 18-year low where only 45 percent of states are extremely proud to be an American. I find that sad and troubling.

As for myself, I’m thinking about what it means to be an American.

The answer is crystal clear and that is the pride in being in a country that allows us our personal freedom and the ability to speak our minds. We may not have the best system, but it is still the greatest in the world.

This freedom does not come without a price. It comes with great personal sacrifice and devotion to duty. We have a great opportunity to do for others and that means we do this by volunteering by helping others in need.

By doing this we can make America great and this we do by not complaining but by doing. So fly the American Flag and get out and vote and then those who complain about America, think again. 

Frederick Bedell Jr.



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