Readers Write: Phillips shows she cares for seniors


As a senior who attended one of Sen. Elaine Phillips’ senior scam prevention programs, I wanted to thank her for providing this important service.

The program was very informative and featured professionals from the New York State Division of Consumer Protection and LiveOn NY who offered helpful tips on identifying and avoiding common scams.

They patiently answered questions for nearly two hours and listened to real life stories and experiences from many in the group who were targets of scams themselves.

And we received additional information to take home and review,as well as helpful contact numbers for follow-up questions and to report additional concerns.

Sen. Phillips even posted a video of the presentation on her website, so that seniors who couldn’t attend could still get the information.

It’s nice to see an elected official going so far to help address an issue that is a real concern for us.

Thank you Sen. Phillips for caring about seniors!

Peter Gong

New Hyde Park


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