Readers write: Port Washington needs your help

Readers write: Port Washington needs your help

We need your help.

As we watch the devastation brought by the hurricanes in Texas and Florida, we certainly want to help.

As we watch the pictures of children fighting cancer we certainly want to help.

As we see pictures of those cute dogs and cats in shelters, we certainly want to help.
When we see malnourished children in Africa with flies on their faces (I think I saw those same or similar pictures 50 years ago), we certainly want to help.

We want to help the hospital we recently had to visit; we want to help charities doing research for various diseases, we want to help our religious institutions and we may even want to help our preferred political candidates and party.

And we should.

But as a board member of the Community Chest of Port Washington, I’d like to bring your attention to some needs closer to home families needing counseling for substance abuse and developmental, social and emotional issues; youth needing after school activities and educational supports; senior citizens needing a nutritious hot meal and the opportunity to socialize with friends; families needing financial assistance for quality child care and college tuition and women needing safe housing in domestic abuse situations.

These are only some examples of the difficulties many Port Washington residents are facing as they struggle to get by. The Community Chest provides funds to local charities serving Port Washington residents.

While their pictures may not tug at your heart strings, their needs are just as real. As the new campaign year starts for the Community Chest, I want you to know that right here and right now your neighbors need your help. With your donation, the Community Chest can bring services to thousands of Port Washington residents—making their lives better. Thank you.

Mitchell Schultz
Vice President
Community Chest of Port Washington

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