Readers Write: Questions to ponder about the NRA


In his letter of Aug. 31, Eric Spinner sings the praises of the National Rifle Association.

He points out that the NRA offers excellent safety courses and “teaches women how to shoot.”

He sums up stating: I’m proud to be a member of the National Rifle Association, as they represent safe, legal, skilled ownership and use of firearms by all, and are firmly aligned on the side of good enforcement of existing gun laws.

These arguments state the case well, but they present about one-half of what one needs to know about the NRA I have framed some questions for Mr. Spinner.

If he can answer them honestly, we should all rush out and seek NRA membership.

  1. What is the relationship between gun manufacturers and the NRA?
  2. Why does 71% of our population want stricter gun controls and background checks?
  3. What role did the NRA play in helping Donald Trump get elected in 2016?
  4. Why did the NRA spend $54 million to elect a Republican Congress and President in 2016?
  5. Why did the NRA spend $37 million opposing a 1915 bill prohibiting anyone on the government’s “terrorist watch-list” from purchasing a gun.

Mr. Spinner recommends that we should all take a gun safety class, and spend a few hours at the County range with a trained instructor.

Actually, I had that experience at Fort Dix where I had the opportunity to fire mortars, M-1 rifles and machine guns, none of which led to my becoming a “gun-lover.”

In researching my response to Mr. Spinner, I came across an interesting statement by a Constitutional Law professor.

His radical argument was that we should do away with the 2nd amendment altogether.

His rationale was that it was outdated and a threat to liberty.

He wrote: “When the Second Amendment was adopted in 1791, there were no weapons remotely like the AR-15 assault rifle…”

He continued arguing that liberty is not a one way street.

While there is a deprivation of liberty when you take away one’s right to carry a concealed weapon or have a waiting period before a sale is consummated, the professor argues that liberty is a two way street.

It also includes the liberty to… send your kids to kindergarten and first grade… it includes the liberty to go to a movie, to go to your religious house of worship, to college, to work, to go to a hair salon, to a community center, to a supermarket, to go anywhere… without having to weigh the risk of being gunned down by someone wielding a weapon that can easily kill you and countless others.

The law professor who penned these words went on to become the president of the United States. His name is Barrack Obama.

Dr. Hal Sobel

Great Neck






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