Readers Write: Re-elect Sassouni to Great Neck Board of Ed


In the coming contested election, Trustee Rebecca Sassouni is seeking re-election to the Great Neck Board of Education. The election is by mail ballot on Tuesday, June 9, and must be mailed no later than Friday, June 5,  to be in time for the count.

I urge all eligible residents of the school district to make sure to cast their votes for Trustee Sassouni, who is a dedicated public servant, a superbly qualified board member and a person having a deep understanding of all educational and related issues and capable of boundless patience. Trustee Sassouni has a 20-year record of public service as an active parent of children who have been educated in Great Neck’s public schools and as a public servant in many varied capacities.

I make this assessment from the perspective of a former trustee of the Great Neck Board of Education and from my recent experiences serving for two years on the board’s Citizens Advisory Committee, which Trustee Sassouni was in charge of at the time. During the many meetings I attended, I was impressed with Trustee Sassouni’s knowledge of the numerous issues that came up, her thorough preparation and her ability to connect with the members of the committee, which was comprised of a highly varied group of individuals.

Trustee Sassouni displayed a remarkable ability to grasp complex issues and distill the essence of what was important and practical.  It would be a huge loss for Great Neck to have to forgo the knowledge, judgment and commitment that Trustee Sassouni selflessly provides.

The opponent in this election has indicated a  limited background and experience with the Great Neck public school system. In my opinion, his qualifications fall far short of what we need for an effective trustee of the Great Neck Board of Education. Therefore, I urge everyone eligible to vote to give their support to Trustee Rebecca Sassouni for another term in office.

Leon Korobow

Great Neck




  1. The writer makes an assessment on the other candidate based on Jahng’s humble statement. It would be nice to get fresh blood into the school board, not a drone. We need someone who can think out of the box.

    Case in point: the North HIgh parking lot that Sassouni promoted. She promoted it from the get go, and was not able to properly explain the need. After spending nearly $1 million dollars – it was barely used. The school board NEEDS someone new – someone who will protect our tax dollars and make sure they are spent on educational projects not wasteful, ecologically unfriendly garbage.

  2. Just because you were a trustee doesn’t mean you understand how the school is run now. When was the last time you attended a board meeting? They push every item through and discourage questions. Since the pandemic this board has not been transparent, not allowing for regular questions, call ins, and scheduling meetings during work hours for those who are working. Meetings are not even taped, so if you miss them, there’s no way to watch them or read about them in their minutes.

    It’s time for a change. We don’t need everyone to agree on everything – this board votes on all issues as a block. Watch the movie Bad Education. We are heading down the same road.


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