Readers Write: Rescue in Thailand a true mission accomplished


As I was reading 12 boys and their soccer coach were all rescued from a flooded cave in Thailand. Truly this was, “Mission Accomplish.”

These boys and their coach were trapped in this cave due to flooded waters in this cave. This was a most difficult mission and one that brought many groups from around the world including the U.S. to help.

This mission could have cost many lives including the boys.

Although one life was lost in the rescue. As stated about 100 workers, including the brave Navy Seals from Thailand were involved in the rescue.

Let me also mention this was a miracle to have found all alive in that cave during and after the search.

Praise must be given to all that came to help and risked their lives. I guess God has a reason for all this and that life is his to take or to give. 

Frederick R. Bedell Jr.



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