Readers Write: Sassouni has record of achievement on, off the board

Readers Write: Sassouni has record of achievement on, off the board

In this troubled world there are those people who put all their efforts into improving all those lives they touch in addition to who going above and beyond the call of duty. This kind of person is one we must take notice in addition to gaining our admiration, support and respect.

I refer to Rebecca Sassouni who is now seeking a second term for election as Trustee to the Great Neck Public School Board of Education. 

I have watched, observed and marveled at Rebecca’s insight, maturity and care that she has demonstrated during more than the decade that I have known her. Rebecca has been a Great Neck resident for more than 26 years, her four children were educated in the Great Neck School system. Consequently, as a parent of children enrolled in the Great Neck public school system, she has experienced first hand to determine what is best as a trustee.

During the past three years of her service as trustee, she has served the system well.

Rebecca’s achievements are many that have had an impact on our community on many levels. Before her election to the Board in 2017, Rebecca was active in the Citizens Advisory Council for the United Parent Teacher Council, which laid the groundwork for perceiving the most positive programs that could be implemented from a parent’s standpoint and then as a trustee.

Her involvement as an attorney and a member of the Nassau County Bar Association has given her further discernment as to the legal workings of the Great Neck school system.

As a member of the Board, Rebecca’s efforts were recognized by her colleagues on the Board by electing her Alternative Vice-President. 

Given all of Rebecca’s accomplishments, her re-election as trustee to the Great Neck Board of Education would be a wise choice. Please join me to re-elect her. We will all benefit from her service.  

Lois Schaffer

Great Neck

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