Readers Write: Sassouni most qualified for GN Board of Ed seat

Readers Write: Sassouni most qualified for GN Board of Ed seat

I write in my own capacity as a Great Neck resident to urge you to re-elect Rebecca Sassouni as trustee to the GNPS Board of Education. In our current environment of so many unknowns, I know Rebecca.  I have worked alongside Rebecca in parent leadership roles for the last eight years and she has demonstrated she is the best choice for the trustee seat.

Rebecca began her involvement in the schools many years ago as an elementary school parent. She was one of the original proponents of establishing a pre-K on the North side of town nearly a decade ago (pre-K at JFK opened in 2019 while she was trustee). She has represented the Great Neck Public Schools to our local legislators as the chair of the UPTC Legislative Committee. She has worked with our administrators and teachers in her various roles in the PTOs and as a parent member on district search committees, being selected to offer the parent point of view in building administrator hiring decisions.

I witnessed Rebecca’s dedication in those roles and I served with her on the district’s Citizens Advisory Committee, both when she was a parent member and as she headed the same committee as a trustee. She consistently gave voice to and advocated for all residents and asked pertinent questions of residents, other board members and district central administrators. She has earned the respect of every stakeholder she has worked with in her parent leadership roles and has continued to earn their respect in her role as trustee.

Rebecca has been a community leader in Great Neck beyond the schools. She has relationships with various community and religious organizations, including being on the board at SHAI and working on partnerships with GNCA. Rebecca is accessible to all North and South public school parents. She listens attentively and is empathetic, strengths she fine-tuned as an education lawyer representing students in other school districts. Her integrity precludes her from discussing ongoing board matters with parents, but she has been open to listening to criticism and suggestions. She can and has brought the perspective of different constituents to the Board of Education and has the connections within these communities to elicit feedback to take back to the boardroom.

She has a solid foundational knowledge of board and educational policy, making her the most qualified and experienced candidate for her trustee seat. Rebecca has shown in the last three years the dedication, understanding, integrity, and fierce public education advocacy necessary to be the steward of our children’s education. Please join me in re-electing Rebecca Sassouni to the Board of Education by sending in your mail in ballot by June 9. The Great Neck Public Schools needs her.


Anulekha Ganguli

Great Neck

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