Readers Write: Scott offers know-how needed by Port police


This year’s Police Commissioner election will have a critical impact on the Department and our community for decades to come. It is essential, for us all, that we each come out and vote for Stephen Scott.

 The Port Washington Police District headquarters must be replaced. 

The current Board of Commissioners has acknowledged the tremendous expense that its crumbling condition relentlessly incurs, and the negative impact of its cramped space on the delivery of Police services.

Yet for the nine years of Angela Mullins tenure no progress has been made toward a resolution and costs have continued to rise.

 The qualifications of the current Commissioners may include some police and community group activity, but none has the essential Business, Financial and Construction background of Stephen Scott. As Police Commissioner, he will bring these now missing strengths that will ensure that the Department continues to thrive in the years to come.

 Scott received his formal degree in Business Administration and has achieved a wealth of valuable knowledge in a wide career.  

That career includes years of experience in the comprehensive management and negotiation of major urban construction projects, the coordination of communication for the Dept. of Homeland Security/TSA officers across all of JFK airport, the launch and ultimate sale of his own private business, and the delivery of sensitive security services for the state Department of Mental Health.

 Dynamic management, accountability, broad financial knowledge and vision. These are what the PWPD and our community need now and what Stephen Scott will deliver when elected PW Police Commissioner.  

 Stephen  R. Maun

 Port Washington


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