Readers Write: Shame on Markowitz critics


Never in my 45 years in Great Neck have I witnessed anything like the vicious and totally unwarranted attacks on Steve Markowitz. 

After winning an election, (Robert) Spitalnick and (Jeff) Wiesenfeld have mounted a hate campaign against Steve – for reasons I cannot fathom. 

Is their extreme reaction simply because they were challenged?  How dare they turn a nasty, sustained, personal vendetta against Steve into an attack on the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center – which fosters understanding of anti-Semitic hatred – in the name of combatting “anti-religious animus”?

 I’ve known Steve Markowitz for 20 years.  Although we are polar opposites in politics, he is a very caring friend and wise counselor. 

When we engage in spirited discussions, he always responds respectfully, with no personal hatred towards me or anyone else who may hold different views. There is not one hateful bone in his body.

Steve does not deserve the bile and slander that have been thrown at him.  Shame on you!

Jack Epstein

Lake Success

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