Readers Write: Speaking against atrocities in Syria


We the undersigned rabbis of the Great Neck Jewish Community, in a united voice, join the former Chief Rabbi of Israel, Rabbi Yisrael Lau, in expressing our absolute outrage over the terrible atrocities being committed against hundreds of thousands of innocent Syrians, including tens of thousands of children.

We are especially outraged by the news of the use of toxic gases and chemical weapons in Syria’s six-year war, in particular the attack of Khan Sheikhun and its citizens this past week.

On the eve of Passover, when we remember our own exodus from oppression, and on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day, when we remember how the world was silent as six million of our brothers and sisters, including over one million Jewish children, were slaughtered, we cannot remain silent.

We implore our leaders and the leaders of all decent societies to do everything within their power to oppose the barbaric actions of those who attack the innocent and to help protect those unable to protect themselves.

Silence always favors the oppressor.

On behalf of the oppressed, we refuse to remain silent.

Rabbi Meir Feldman

Rabbi Tara Feldman

Rabbi Shmuel Ismach

Rabbi Yaacov Lerner

Rabbi Yamin Levy

Rabbi Dale Polaykof

Rabbi Howard Stecker



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